My First Quilt

Today we were cleaning out linens and uncovered my first quilt.

It is a simple 9-patch class that I took at Keep Me in Stitches when we were living in Tampa, FL. (I had the idea that choosing a big, vibrant patterns would hide my lack of technical skill. I think it worked! And I still love bold patterns.) The binding makes me laugh. Coming from a needlework background I clearly didn’t understand that binding stitches are not actually supposed to show – mine travel right over the top of the fabric.

I am a big believer in trying new things. When we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, either artistically or technically, we grow as individuals and so does our work. I have enjoyed parlaying many of the technical skills that I have picked up from others into my personal sewing and artwork, sometimes in ways that I least expect.

Many students come into classes a bit nervous and unsure of their skills; they are usually the most enthusiastic and excited when they take a risk and dive into a project. So, if there is a project or skill that you have been wanting to master jump in! Life is short and fabric forgiving.

In the years following this quilt’s creation I took additional quilting classes, the majority of which were taught by the staff of Quilter’s Gallery in Charlotte. Still unsure of my ability to piece, I decided to sign up a block-of-the-month project from Keepsake Quilting. It was more like a block-every-three-or-four-months for me. But I’ll save that for another day…

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One thought on “My First Quilt

  1. i am a recent follower of your blog cause I saw your new fabric collection (mocha)and am so in love with it. I was reading all your blog post and had to comment when I came to this post. my first quilt was also a 9 patch quilt that I made for my boyfriend. I am self-taught and figured the best way to start quilting was do what your already know; sew in a straight line. Found the 9 patch pattern in some quilting book and we still use the quilt today. keep up the beautiful designs. can't wait for more!

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