An Inspirational Quilter

Diane Rose woman is amazing and so inspirational.  Take a look…

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2 thoughts on “An Inspirational Quilter

  1. Great link. Amazing gal. 🙂

  2. Thank-you Amanda for bringing Diane and her attitude, so brimming with life and hope to my attention…her life and message are ringing some loud bells in my heart. Depression dosen't have to a permanent place to live at. I found a pretty shell once that had a hole in it and I threw it away because it was broken, but something made me want to pick it up and keep it, after all the rest of it was still beautiful! Being positive and the way we look at life is a choice and sometimes all we can do about the circumstances we find ourselves in life is to 'choose' to be 'bitter' or 'better'…which can be pretty empowering. I think Diane's life illustrates that excellently. I've been through a tough time lately(who hasn't?) This video has really been a boost in the right direction…thanks again!

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