Hand Quilting

Sorry for the silence lately but I have been sewing, sewing, sewing, in preparation for Market – mostly on the machine, but a little by hand.  I love the look of hand-quilting and should do it more often. 

Last night I hand-quilted around this Desden block with 12 wt. thread.  I used a slightly darker green in the center and a vivid pink around the block itself.  I love how the pink contrasts with the green striped background.  I love it and wish I had used heavier thread, but time is of th essence and 12 wt. is what I had. 

Next I need to quilt this…

I am thinking purple or green in the center circle and maybe a light aqua around the Dresden.  Or maybe pale green.  Your thoughts?

Happy sewing!

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4 thoughts on “Hand Quilting

  1. Looks wonderful! I like purple for the center and light aqua around the Dresden!

  2. Ditto, even though green is my favorite color! Beautiful sneak peeks 🙂

  3. I know you havn't mentioned this combination, but I think the dark blue in your print around the circle and the dark purple around the dresden, would really stand out. I just love all those prints you are giving tease peeks of!!!

  4. These are so very pretty! I would love for you to add them to my blog's linky party: http://koolbeenz-blog.blogspot.com/2011/05/funky-fresh-friday-6.html

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