The colors of my garden this spring…

Well, of course, if it was a real, organic garden tended to by me it would be brown because, with my horticultural skills (or lack thereof), everything would be dead.

But my fabic garden is much more colorful.  Here is how it looks in the warm sun…

And here is how it looks on cool nights…  (This is theoretical, of course, because we don’t have many of those here in Charlotte.)

I’ll show more soon. Happy sewing!

P.S.  For those of you who emailed me seconding the request for a pdf version of the Continuous Bias Binding Tutorial, I’ve now added it to my sidebar.  Nothing fancy, but it should be easier to print.

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9 thoughts on “The colors of my garden this spring…

  1. Your new fabric colors are amazing…I've loved the others, but wow…these have to be some of my favorite colors! I appreciated the tutorial as well. I'm getting ready to make some bias binding, so this was perfect timing. I've made it before, but not the continuous method.

  2. I love the colors you chose for your next line especially the blue set. When does your next line arrive?

  3. beatiful colors – can't wait to create with them. Thank you for the PDF on the continious binding.

  4. This collection will debut at Spring Market (although you may be getting some sneak peeks here) and ships to customers in August!

  5. These are beyond fabulous – I'm already in love, and I haven't seen the prints! Can't wait until August!

  6. It looks beautiful do far – and it will be out just in time for our spring!

  7. Looks so pretty! Can't wait to see more!

  8. Love them both. Lavendars and purples are my favorites. Can't wait!

  9. Those are beautiful colors for a garden.

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