A Chocolate Bag and Procrastination

This project has been sitting, cut out, in our living room for months.  Literally months.  This past weekend I finally finished it.

None of you have project like this, right?  Projects where you just lose steam can’t seem to pick them up again?  I love this Amy Butler bag pattern, and I love the way the chocolate fabrics look in it, but I just couldn’t get my act together.  Something else was always calling.

Anyone else in this situation with a project?

Happy sewing!

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7 thoughts on “A Chocolate Bag and Procrastination

  1. Um, yeah, I have (cough) "a few" projects that have not seen recent attention.

    Your fabrics are stunning for that bag, BTW. That's not a quick/easy pattern (I know from having made it), so a likely candidate for losing steam along the way.

  2. I love this bag. I love your fabrics! Time to find somewhere to buy some chocolate.

  3. Of course I have projects like that, I wouldn't be human if I didn't. But your fabrics look spectacular on that bag!

  4. LOL! Have a quilt in progress (humm, maybe not the right term) uh I mean limbo right now.
    Love the bag!

  5. Who, me? I have had a dress for my granddaughter on the dining room table since January! I finally finished putting the top together for another granddaughter's quilt started last April (all circles, 84of them) on Sunday. Very proud of myself and I asked my daughter how long she wanted the overhang for the twin bed and she said "Mom, Abigail has a double bed". Bummer.

  6. It's beautiful…love the way it turned out! And hey, at least you finished!

  7. If you ask me it's perfect timing for the bag – just in time for spring. And yes, multiple projects waiting. 🙁 blessings, marlene

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